First Workshop on Web Scale Infrastructures for Semantic Mashup, Search and Retrieval

Unfortunately the workshop will not be held. We thank those who submitted and apologise for the inconvenience. A number of workshops with similar topics have subsequently been proposed, e.g. see SemSearch08 or the Billion Triples Challenge

Co-located with the First IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing September 17-19, 2007

Hyatt Regency Irvine
Irvine, California

Workshop Goals

The amount of semantically structured data available on the Web has recently grown considerably. Semantic Web languages such as RDF and OWL and protocols like SPARQL are finding their way from researchers to advanced web developers and integrators. Large and important data collections, e.g. DBLP, Wikipedia, CiteSeer, SwissProt, Geonames, are now available as retrievable RDF datasets or SPARQL query endpoints. Popular social networking sites (e.g. LiveJournal, Vox, Tribe, Ecademy) are now producing RDF representation of user interests and acquaintances.

Moreover, there is a clear trend towards embedding semantic information in conventional web pages. Microformats are increasing popular, Flickr has introduced RDF-like "machine tags", and the W3C is close to finalising RDFa and GRDDL as recommendations for embedding RDF data into ordinary XHTML pages. These developments may enable a considerable change in the availability and significance of semantic data for Web search engines.

While the trend towards publishing data is clearly a prerequisite for the Semantic Web to take off, benefits from such data availability have not yet been delivered to the end user.

For developers to efficiently implement applications dealing with such data, Web Scale infrastructures for Semantic Mashups, Search and Retrieval will be needed.

The First Workshop on Web Scale Infrastructures for Semantic Mashup, Search and Retrieval will be a highly specialised venue to discuss the latest developments in Web scale infrastructures for semantic data processing.

Topics of Interest

In detail this workshop will focus on

Important Dates

Accepted workshop papers will be included in ICSC proceedings. Papers will be included in IEEExplore and the index will appear in EI.

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