WikiOnt Vocabulary Specification

August 2005

Andreas Harth, Hannes Gassert


This document describes an ontology to model Wikipedia articles. WikiOnt aims at integrating Wikipedia (and by extension other MediaWiki-based sites) into the Semantic Web framework and making Wikipedia machine-processable and -understandable. For motivation and overview see our WikiMania 2005 article. For discussion please use the Wikibooks discussion page.

The WikiOnt spec in OWL is also available.


List of Classes and Properties


Article | Category | Image | Stub |


contentType | externalLink | | | | | | | | | image | internalLink | link | redirect | text |

Details of Classes and Properties

Class: wiki:Article

Subject to be discussed

Class: wiki:Category

A category in the category graph

Class: wiki:Image

An image

Class: wiki:Stub

A stub is an article that have not recieved substantial attention.

Property: wiki:contentType

img_type in rfc mime/content type format

Property: wiki:

Property: wiki:

Property: wiki:

Property: wiki:

Property: wiki:

Property: wiki:

Property: wiki:

Property: wiki:

Property: wiki:image

A connection between a wiki article and an image

Property: wiki:redirect

Redirect between two Articles (e.g. IBM to International_Business_Machines)

Property: wiki:text

Text of page in Wiki markup


This visual layout and structure of the specification was adapted from the FOAF Vocabulary Specification by Dan Brickley and Libby Miller.

Text of page in Wiki markup text for relating Categories -->